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Trimester Requirements

AR requirements for each grade are:
3rd Grade 1st Trimester = 4 (does NOT count towards Reading grade) 2nd Trimester = 6 3rd Trimester = 8 4th Grade 1st Trimester = 10 2nd Trimester = 12 3rd Trimester = 14
5th Grade 1st Trimester = 20 2nd Trimester = 24 3rd Trimester = 28 6th Grade Summer = 10 1st Trimester = 20 2nd Trimester = 25 3rd Trimester = 30
7th Grade Summer = 14 1st Trimester = 25 2nd Trimester = 30 3rd Trimester = 35 8th Grade Summer = 18 1st Trimester = 30 2nd Trimester = 35 3rd Trimester = 40


Reading Tips for AR

    • The book should be within the child’s reading level.
    • The book should be interesting to the child.
    • While reading the book, the students should be constantly asking themselves questions to make sure they understand what is being read.
    • If a student does not understand, go back and reread.
    • Don’t rush through the book.
    • After a child is finished with the book, he/she should be able to answer the following questions without looking at the book:
        • What is the title of the book?
        • Who were the main characters?
        • What was the setting? (When? Where?)
        • What was the problem in the book?
        • How did the character solve the problem?
        • What happened at the beginning of the book?
        • What happened in the middle of the book?
        • What happened at the end of the book?
    • If you can’t answer these questions without looking at the book, consider rereading the book, or rereading the first couple of pages in each chapter.
    • If the child is reading a picture book, take a picture walk through the book. On each page, the student should be able to retell the story in their own words while looking at the pictures.
    • While taking the test, students should double check the answer they have selected is the correct answer.