Our Lady of Guadalupe School offers small class sizes for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th. We have one class for each grade level and our current student enrollment is 221 students. The average class size is 25 students.

Children in our faith-filled community are nurtured by passionate faculty, enriched by strong religious values, and challenged by high academic expectations and diverse resource programs designed to bring out the best in every child.

Each grade level has dedicated website pages featuring class specific information. We encourage you to visit each grade level site to learn more about the teacher, class curriculum and policies, homework, etc.

Meet Our Dedicated Teachers
Click pictures below and link directly to their grade level websites

Gloria Higares Kindergarten

KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Gloria Higares

Mrs. Stephanie Lapp 1st Grade Teacher

1st GRADE – Mrs. Stephanie Lapp

2nd GRADE - Mrs. Caroline Arroyo

2nd GRADE – Mrs. Caroline Arroyo






Mr. Shannon Bellison 3rd Grade Teacher

3rd GRADE – Ms. Shannon Bellison


4th GRADE – Mrs. Margie Chu

5th GRADE Mrs. Elizabeth Harmuth

5th GRADE – Mrs. Elizabeth Harmuth

6th GRADE - Mrs. Maggie Silva

6th GRADE –
Mrs. Maggie Silva

7th GRADE Gabrielle Kopf

Gabrielle Kopf

8th GRADE - Mrs. Kim Hughes

8th GRADE – Mrs. Kim Hughes