School Garden News


by AnnMarie Silveira, OLG vegetable garden manager

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Spring Planting 2017!

Who planted what so far?

Pre-k, lettuce; first grade, squash; second grade, tomatoes; third grade, watermelon; fourth grade, cantaloupe; fifth grade, cucumbers; sixth grade, green beans.

We were gifted three baby artichoke plants. The students will enjoy watching these fast-growing veggies take off!

To keep our garden clean, thriving, and appeasing curious minds, I am in the process of putting together a garden club! This is very exciting as many students have approached me inquiring. More details to come once we are in full motion… God Bless!

Our edible garden behind the school has been thriving for a while now. I took on the massive clean-up last Easter break, clearing out all the weeds and garden beds. We then had a work party and the volunteers helped amend all the garden beds.

Since then, each class has planted seeds in their class’ raised bed and has been able to watching so much grow!

The children love the process of cultivating and reaping the benefits of what they have grown. They are learning so much while enjoying being outside.

Recently, the children had the opportunity to amend the soil before planting the seeds. Then they put a cloth protection barrier on their beds. The students were very proud of themselves!