Congratulations to OLG’s Science Fair Finalists!!

L-R: Kathleen Radecke (School Superintendent), Tannon Huston, Ayiana Olavarria,
Olivia Rivera, Tia Fernandes, Kayla Espinosa, Matthew Conners, Mrs. Kim Hughes

Congratulations to all of the OLG students who entered their science projects at the Diocesan Science Fair on Saturday, February 9th. Not only did each student receive a 1st place ribbon in their category, but all were finalists and will be taking their projects to the Golden Gate Science Fair in March:
Olivia Rivera, 8th grade (Biological Sciences), Ayiana Olavarria, 8th grade (Environmental Sciences), Matthew Conner, 8th grade (Technology, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences),
Kayla Espinosa, 7th grade (Biological Sciences), Tia Fernandes, 6th grade (Biological Sciences), Tannon Huston, 6th grade (Physical Sciences).  Job well done!!

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