About Ms. Alyssa Schirripa & Mrs. Lou Prokop



Ms. Alyssa Schirripa: I am so excited to be the first grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. First Grade is a year full of growth and I am so grateful to be a part of each students’ journey.


Mrs. Lou Prokop: I have been teaching at Our Lady of Guadalupe School as inimg_4074 Instructional Assistant for 21 years.


We believe that each student grows at his/her own pace, and that each student can reach their full potential if provided with the right tools. We strive to create an environment that supports individuality. Students are exposed to an array of activities for all learning styles and asked to critically think about their self, family, religion, and the world. Our teaching philosophy supports the children and assists them in gaining confidence and independence academically, socially and spiritually. We strive to inspire and encourage each student to be the best they can be!