NOVEMBER 7, 2018:

ELA: Spelling- correct misspelled words (20 only)

Science: Brochure project due tomorrow

Math: 20 minutes, corrections on practice book page 33 if Ms. Gomes has talked to you about this.

NOVEMBER 6, 2018:

Science: Brochure project due Thursday, you may complete at home in your google docs, share with Mrs. Harmuth @

Math: 20 minutes

NOVEMBER  5, 2018:

ELA: spelling word search

Social Studies: Finish Chapter 3 review page 114-115, test tomorrow

Math: Practice book page 33

OCTOBER 30, 2018:

ELA: spelling- correct misspelled words, 20 only

Social Studies: Ch. 3 test next Tuesday 11/6

Math: 20 minutes of

Religion: Chapter 5 test Thursday, study guides completed today and sent home

OCTOBER 29, 2018:

ELA: Spelling word search- 20 words only

Social Studies: Complete lesson review pg.111

Science: Online- U2L1- all sections complete interactives

Math: practice book page 29-30

OCTOBER 25, 2018:

ELA: spelling- rewrite words x2

Social Studies: Practice book page 20

Math: Practice book page 27-28

OCTOBER 24, 2018:

ELA: Spelling worksheet- alphabetical order

Math: worksheet- factors and multiples

OCTOBER 23, 2018:

Social Studies: practice book page 18

Math: finish textbook page 57-58

OCTOBER 22, 2018:

ELA: spelling word search

Social Studies: page 89 textbook- complete community map, include 5 places or things, key, color, and labels.

Math: practice book page 25

OCTOBER 18, 2018:

ELA: Chapter 2 test tomorrow, use your study guides! Spelling worksheet- rewrite words x2

Science: section 3-6

Religion: Chapter 4 quiz Friday

OCTOBER 17, 2018:

ELA: spelling worksheet

Math: worksheet review 1.6- 1.8

OCTOBER 16, 2018:

ELA: Chapter 2 test on Friday, review vocab in review packet only

Math: finish practice book page 23-24

Science: Creature/ paragraph/ self evaluation due Thursday

OCTOBER 15, 2018:

ELA: Spelling word search (first 20 words only)

Math: Finish textbook page 53-54 (2 new problems only)

OCTOBER 11, 2018:

Social Studies: Unit 1 test on Friday- Chapter 1-2 review

OCTOBER 10, 2018:

ELA: practice book page 29

Social Studies: UNIT 1 TEST ON FRIDAY- Chapter 1-2 review

OCTOBER 9, 2018:

ELA: practice book page 28

Social Studies: UNIT 1 TEST ON FRIDAY- Chapter 1-2 review

OCTOBER 4, 2018:

ELA: finish textbook page 39, spelling list- alphabetical order

Science: Lesson 1-7 test tomorrow

Math: finish practice book page 15-16

OCTOBER 3, 2018:

No Homework

OCTOBER 2, 2018:

ELA: Practice book page 26

Math: 20 Minutes on

OCTOBER 1, 2018:

ELA: Spelling word search, practice book page 24

SociaL Studies: Lesson review page 61, #1-5

* parent signature and the number of minutes spent on homework that night

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018:

ELA: Spelling worksheet- fix misspelled words

Math: Textbook page 42-43, Test Chapter 1 on Friday

Religion: Chapter 3 test tomorrow

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018:

Social Studies: Textbook page 51, lesson review questions 1-5

Math: finish classwork textbook page 39-40, do page 41

Religion: Chapter 3 test Wednesday

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018:

ELA: Spelling word search, practice book page 21

Science: Read lesson 7, pages 72-76 (online), finish page 44 in notebooks

Math: Textbook page 38

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018:

ELA: Describing words worksheet- 5 words per picture. Spelling- rewrite spelling words x2

Social Studies: Textbook page 43 lesson review questions 1-6

Science: Quiz tomorrow

Math: Finish classwork, textbook page 33-34

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018:

ELA: Chapter 1 grammar test tomorrow, students should have textbooks to study lessons 1.1- 1.11. Spelling worksheet- correcting misspelled spelling words

Social Studies: We will be retaking our Chapter 1 test tomorrow. This includes lessons 1.1- 1.4. There is a study guide on page 36-37 that they have already completed.

Math:  Complete classwork pages 29-30 in the textbook, workbook page 13

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018:

ELA: Finish classwork- Textbook pages 22-23, Practice book pages 15-16

Math: Finish classwork- Textbook pages 25-26, Practice book page 12

Religion: Finish chapter review page 91, Chapter 2 test tomorrow

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018:

ELA: Finish classwork- Textbook pages 20-21, Practice book pages 13-14, & Spelling word search

Social Studies: Finish classwork- chapter 1 review pages 36-37, test tomorrow

Math: Finish classwork- Textbook pages 23-24, Practice book page 11

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018:

ELA: Practice book pg. 12, spelling word search- quiz tomorrow

Social Studies: Practice book pg. 6 AND 8

Science: Quiz tomorrow

Math: Complete classwork- textbook pg. 21-22

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018:

ELA: Spelling worksheet- rewriting spelling words twice

Math: practice book pages 9-10

*** if your child does not have a folder to hold loose papers, please get one by the end of the week.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018:

ELA: Finish classwork- TEXTBOOK page 14-15

Science: Finish rough draft and write final draft in workbook

Math: Finish classwork- TEXTBOOK page 19

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018:

ELA: Spelling worksheet- alphabetical order, character profile page for Gloria Dump and Dewberry Brothers (can be found in chapter 9- read in class today)

Math: Complete classwork  TEXTBOOK page 15-16

Social Studies: Practice book page 7

SEPTEMBER 6, 2018:

ELA: Spelling Quiz tomorrow and Grammar Quiz (students have worksheets from class today to study and/or Voyages TEXTBOOK sessions 1.1-1.5). Because of Winn-Dixie: Character Profile page, Opal and Winn-Dixie

Social Studies: Finish class work Textbook pg. 25 #1-5

Science: Quiz tomorrow

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018:

Religion: Chapter 1 test Thursday- review chapter review pg. 79 (class work) and flash cards

ELA: TEXTBOOK page 10-11 (classwork) if not finished in class, PRACTICE BOOK page 9

Math: Practice book pg. 7-8

Science: Quiz on Friday

SEPTEMBER 4, 2018:

Religion: Chapter 1 test Thursday- study note cards

ELA: complete TEXTBOOK page 8-9 (classwork) if not finished in class, PRACTICE BOOK page 8, spelling word search worksheet

Science: PRACTICE BOOK page 16, Quiz on Friday