Student Samples

Today,9/17/15, the fourth and fifth graders celebrated the ending of Because of Winn Dixie by having a Dump Party.

The students brought in deviled egg and peanut butter sandwiches, pickles, chips, Dump Punch and for dessert, Littmus Lozenges. The food was blessed by The Preacher, aka Gio Cosio. We were entertained by Otis and Winn Dixie. ┬áThe students intermingled and had a great time. They enjoyed browsing the photos of each other’s dogs, the Mistake Tree and read 10 Things about Winn Dixie. The Mistake Tree was improvised with a Mistake Fence since we did not have an available tree. Thank you to all the families that sent in food, the students loved it. A special thank you to Mrs. Julie Burns and Mrs. Anabel Alvarez for assisting in setting up, serving and cleaning up.