• Purpose: The purpose of homework is to practice and reinforce material that your child has learned or will learn in the classroom.
  • Format: Students will always have Math and Language Arts nightly, in addition to the 20 minutes of required reading. Other subjects may be given also.
  • Due Date: Unless otherwise notified, homework is due the NEXT DAY. If not turned in first thing in the morning, it is considered late.
  • Late Homework: Late homework will be accepted and a grade will be given, however  a point per day will be deducted if homework is late. If homework is more than five days late, zero points will be given; however, the homework must still be submitted.
  • Absent: If a student is absent, they will have 3 days to turn in the homework that was missed. After this time frame, homework will be considered late and the above will apply.
  • Website: Homework will be posted on our Fourth Grade OLG website under “Fourth Grade =>Homework =>Daily Assignments” by 6:00P.M. most days.

The following sites are great  resources for your fourth grader: