Class Projects

2017-2018 Mission Project:

2018 Final Missions of the United Nation Project


OLG fourth graders participate in several interesting and challenging class projects throughout the year including: a Young Authors Fair, a Science Project,  a Mission Project and a Novel Project.

Young Authors Fair (YAF)

We started our YAF Books in December. We have had some very creative stories. We have created a class book entitled “Love Poems to God”.

Below is the timeline for our YAF Books:

3/20/15 – 1st edits due

3/27/15 – 2nd edits due

4/10/15 – final book including binding of the book.

Rules for Book Binding:

“All Book ust be bound…. Binding keep all pages attached and together. You can use plastic sprial combs, ribbon, pre-made books, etc. Examples of books not bound are staped essays, with contruction paper covers, or pages in plastic report covers. Unbound books will be disqualified.”

Novels: “Wonder” by RJ Palacio

Recently, the fourth graders complete the novel “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. This novel opened the hearts, minds and spirits of our class.  In addition to Wonder, the students read the sequel, “Julian’s Chapter”. The sensitivity to another person and seeing life through the eyes of someone else’s experieces resonates in our classroom. Stay tuned for postings of some of the activities that were done during the reading of this novel. We cannot wait to read “Pluto” and “Singaling”.


mp9Students are exposed to a variety of educational projects and subjects in fourth grade including (but not limited to): Math, Art, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Religion. At Our Lady of Guadalupe, we share a “whole student” philosophy that is visible in our diverse curriculum. Please continue reading to get a glimpse of some of the interesting topics covered this year.


 Mission Project

mp3Students are asked to research an assigned mission. Then, they will build, label, describe and report on their mission. This year, the children were asked to do their project on the “22nd Mission” either from the 1700′s or 2013. Click Mission Article to read more about this year’s amazing Mission Projects.


The Novel Project requires the students to come dressed as a character from their chosen novel. They are then asked to create and/or describe a scene from this novel.


The fourth graders recently completed the novel  by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. We did several projects to reflect our knowledge and enjoyment of this novel. Marty stuggles with telling the truth and pulls everyone into his web of deception.

Some of the projects we did were:

1. We came dressed as a character in the book. We described the character and paralleled ourselves to them.  (photos to follow)

2. Next, we made dioramas of Shiloh’s lean to, then wrote a paragraph about Shiloh’s environment. (photos to follow)

3. We researched various types of dogs then created brochures about the dog that we chose. (photos to follow)

Polar Milk Art

The fourth graders discovered that dish soap has one non-polar end and one polar end.  When we mixed  it with milk, it weakened the chemical bonds in the milk. “The polar ends of the soap molecules dissolved in water while the nonpolar ends attached themselves to the fat globules present in milk.” When the soap molecules moved around to join with the fat in the milk, the fat molecules were pushed and pulled in different directions. This displace the molecules of food coloring, which can be seen in the swirling patterns.

Click on the site below to view our pictures of the Polar Milk Art project.

We study all the California Regions such as Coastal, Central, Mountain Ranges and Deserts. We in the process of making Salt Maps.   Click here to see our process ==> Salt Maps Part 1