Every effort will be made to have homework posted by 5:00PM. However, it is the student’s responsibility to write their homework in their organizer before they leave school.


Homework Assignments


Religion: Activity pg 13 (please use complete sentences), Drawing activity – pick one value, draw example, and use 1-2 complete sentence that explain why that value is most important. Needs to be colored. (Due Friday)

Science: Lesson Checkpoint pg 241 #’s 1-2

Social Studies: Read pg 240-243, reading quiz

Spelling: Study, test Thursday


Social Studies: Lesson Checkpoint pg 237 #’s 2-7

ELA: Finish Body Paragraphs

Spelling: Study, test Thursday


Math: Practice Book pg 93

Spelling: Correct spelling pre-test, test Thursday

ELA: Finish essay outline




HomeworkcalculatorHomework Overview
Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. The purpose of homework is to practice and reinforce material that your child has learned or will learn in the classroom. On average, a student can expect to have 60 to 90 minutes of homework daily. Homework may include any class work that was not completed for the day. Since we review homework first thing in the morning, all homework is expected to be complete and in class by the time school begins. If it is not turned in first thing, it is considered late.

Late homework will be accepted and given a grade , however points will be deducted.

After Progress Reports are sent home, if a student has any grade below 70%, a current grade update will be sent home. This update requires a parent signature.