Junior High Supply List 2019-2020

Absence Policy

When a student returns to school after being absent, the student is responsible for checking the “Absent Table” at the back of the classroom.  The table will contain worksheets and assignments that the student missed while absent.  Students can also access their homework assignments on this website using the Homework tab.

According to the Junior High Policy (2018-2019):

“Students who are absent are responsible for completing all work missed in their absence. Each homeroom has a responsible student assigned to keep track of all assignments and to keep all handouts for absent students. Your child is responsible for getting missed work from this assigned student the first day they return to school. Ample time will be given to complete and turn in this work (normally two days for each one day absent). If a student is aware of a test or a long-term assignment before the absence, s/he will be expected to take the test or turn in the assignment as scheduled if s/he has returned to school by that time.

If there is a long absence due to illness (more than three days), students or parents can get missed work on-line and keep up with assignments during the absence if health permits. If this is not possible, parents should meet with the teachers to make specific arrangements.

A planned long-term absence is not beneficial for any student. If there is an unavoidable planned long-term absence other than for illness, parents must inform the teachers and principal as soon as plans are known. Teachers will provide work the student will miss upon his/her return. Students should also check the teachers’ websites to see what work has been assigned each day. If possible, completed work should be emailed to the teacher.”

Upon returning to school, after having been absent, a child must bring an excuse note, written and signed by his/her parent/guardian, properly dated and specifying the cause for the absence.

Homework Policy

Students will be responsible for completing all homework assigned and turning it in on time.  Homework is collected at the beginning of the day and is handed back after scoring.

To receive full credit, the homework must be complete, neat, and legible.  

 According to the Junior High Policy (2018-19):

“Late and missing work can be a significant contributor to low grades on tests, quizzes, and report cards. In addition, not completing and turning in work is a dangerous habit, especially for students who are rapidly approaching high school. It is important that junior high students learn the responsibility of prioritizing homework in their busy lives. As a result, we will enforce a firm policy for late work. At the beginning of each class, the teacher will check all homework that has been turned in and determine if there is any missing work.

If a student’s work has not been turned in, the student will be expected to complete the homework at a time according to the teacher’s discretion. The student will then receive no more than 50% credit for the assignment.”

Parents will receive an electronic notification that their child has missed an assignment.