Our Student Learning Expectations

An Our Lady of Guadalupe student is a young person who commits to:






Students will:

  • learn that the Church, and the students as Christians, have responsibilities both nationally and globally.
  • be active participants at liturgical celebrations, including planning and presenting.
  • become comfortable with all forms of prayer.
  • recognize those in need and work with the school community to address those needs.
  • understand Church history and scripture.
  • understand how Christian values can often be in conflict with world values and how to persevere them.
  • understand the seven Sacraments and their significance to the Church.

Next Generation Science

Students will:

  •  understand how to measure and classify matter, as well as changes of state.
  • understand the relationships between force, mass, and acceleration, as well as the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.
  • learn how to accurately measure motion.
  • understand cause and effect between friction, inertia, and gravity.
  • identify physical and chemical changes, as well as chemical reactions.
  • learn about the elements on the periodic table, as well as atomic composition of molecular structures.
  • learn about chemical reactions and how to correctly balance chemical equations.
  • understand changes in particle motion in relation to thermal energy.
  • understand the mechanics of waves and electromagnetic radiation.
  • participate in the school science fair.


Students will:

  • reinforce operations with integers and real numbers.
  • evaluate, set up, and simplify multi-variable expressions, rational expressions, and formulas.
  • solve simple and multi-step equations and inequalitiesinvolving decimals, fractions and percents.
  • write and graph linear equations and inequalities, including finding the slopes of lines and different equation of line formats.
  • learn how to solve for perimeter, area, volume, and surface area of different figures.
  • understand advanced methods of statistics: including rates, ratios, and percents
  • be introduced to exponential and quadratic equations and functions, including the finding of square roots.
  • learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with and factor polynomials.
  •  learn how to apply these skills to “real life” situations


Language Arts

Students will:

  • learn how to write for a variety of purposes (including research reports, essays, short stories, and poetry) using an effective method of planning and composing.
  • summarize main ideas, paraphrase, and apply critical thinking across subject areas.
  • understand and implement grammar, punctuation, vocabulary skills, and spelling rules.
  • identify and incorporate literary devices such as irony, soliloquy, metaphor, characterization, dialect, symbolism and figurative language.
  • learn how to properly cite sources using the Modern Language Association (MLA 8) documentation style
  • establish and maintain a formal writing style with clearly supported claims and proper citations.
  • make presentations using various methods and media.

Social Studies

Students will:

  • learn about the history of the United States from 1700 to the 1890’s, including key social justice areas such as slavery, the women’s movement, and immigration.
  • understand key elements of the American Revolution leading to the Declaration of Independence.
  • understand the structure of the United States Constitution.
  • become familiar with current events using news magazines, newspapers, and the internet.
  • participate in political discussions regarding local, state, and national elections.

Fine Arts

Students will:

  • have art class once a week.
  • participate in a formal classroom music program once each week.
  • have the opportunity to join the school choir and sing at liturgical celebrations.
  • have the opportunity to join the school choir and/or dancersDivineand sing or participate in liturgical celebrations.
  • perform at the Christmas Program and Spring Concert for the school community.
  • have the opportunity to perform in the school’s annual drama production.

Physical Education

Students will:

  • participate in 2 classes per week.
  • exercise to strengthen their bodies.
  • learn about and participate in various sports.
  • learn good sportsmanship.
  • develop life-long habits.