Homework_happyEach student is given a student planner at the beginning of the school year. Homework for all classes is written on the board in the student’s homeroom every day. Students are given time to write all homework, as well as any other reminders, in their planners. Planners should be taken home daily and brought back to school the next day. It is very beneficial for parents to check over the child’s planner each day. The planners can also provide an opportunity for communication between your child’s teachers and home if arranged between you and that specific teacher.

In addition, teachers post homework, tests, long-term assignments, and other helpful information on-line. This information can be accessed on the school’s website. Click on “Classrooms”, then scroll down to your child’s grade. Your child’s homework will be shown on the website for the teacher who teaches each particular subject; therefore, you will want to go into each teacher’s website to check homework for all your child’s classes. Links to the other junior high teachers are provided on each website. Information about extra-curricular classes (Art, Music, etc.) will be posted on the site for your child’s homeroom teacher (Mrs. Silva for 6th, Mrs. Kopf for 7th, and Mrs. Hughes for 8th).

Late Work: Late and missing work can be a significant contributor to low grades on tests, quizzes, and report cards. In addition, not completing and turning in work is a dangerous habit, especially for students who are rapidly approaching high school. It is important that junior high students learn the responsibility of prioritizing homework in their busy lives. As a result, we will enforce a firm policy for late work.

At the beginning of each class, the teacher will check all homework that has been turned in and determine if there is any missing work. If a student’s work has not been turned in, the student will be expected to complete the homework at a time according to the teacher’s discretion.The student will then receive no more than 50% credit for the assignment.  Parents will receive an electronic notification that their child has missed an assignment.