• Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!  We are moving our Soc vs. Greasers Rumble to Friday, November 8th.  Come dressed as Greasers and Socs and be ready to represent the East Side and the West Side in a final show down.  It will be a fair fight.  Remember, no jazz before the Rumble!


  • We will have regular class on Monday, November 4th and will have the RUMBLE later in the week.  🙂  Also, we will be doing star testing this week.


  • This assignment is due Friday, October 11th, please finish reading Chapter 7 and annotate the text while you read!  Then copy the Ch 7 questions into your spirals and answer them.
    1. What condition were Dally and Johnny in?  Describe their injuries.
    2. The doctor says that Johnny will be crippled if he survives. Why is this worse for Johnny than it would be for someone else?
    3. Why did Darry never lock the front door to the house?
    4. How are Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally portrayed in the newspaper article?
    5. Why did everyone go silent when Pony asked Soda if he would take Sandy to the party?
    6. What was Bob’s real problem, according to Randy?


  • For ELA class on Wednesday, September 25th please finish your Characterization Project which is due on Friday, September 27th.  If you finish your project during class time, please come prepared with your Biography for your Trimester 1 Project.


  • Characterization Project is due: THURSDAY, September 26th  and should include: 1. Picture 2. Explanation (who is this person) 3. Quotation (with the page #) 4. Character Traits 5. Physical Traits


  • Quiz tomorrow (Friday, September 13th) on The Outsiders Chs 1&2.  Please study your notes, the comprehension questions, and the book.


  • Please complete The Outsiders comprehension questions for Chapters 1&2 due Tuesday, September 10th.