High School Info/Prep Moreau Admissions Moreau Catholic High School Admissions Page
Homework Help EdHelper.com An excellent website for supplementary learning materials in all subjects, all grades.
Math Links CoolMath.com A fun site for learning math! Online games and tutorials make learning math fun!
Science Links Discovery Science Channel A site sponsored by the Discovery Science channel, a fantastic source for varied scientific information and topics. Beautiful site! A big help for science fair projects!
Science Links Scotch Science Fair Central The MUST GO website for everything science fair related! From how to get started on your project to sample science fair ideas, this is the place to go!
Science Links KQED Quest A multi-media website exploring Northern California science, environment, and nature.
Math Links What is a Tesselation? An excellent description of a tesselation, and how to put shapes together to make one.
Science Links KQED Earth Day Special Online viewing of the Earth Day TV special for 6th Grade science homework. Get viewing questions from Mrs. Hughes.
High School Info/Prep Intel Student Workspace Login This is the login page for the Intel Visual Comparison activity.
High School Info/Prep Intel Teacher Workspace  For Mrs. Hughes to access for the Visual Comparison activity.
School Project/Program Info CYO Outdoor Environmental Education This is the website run by CYO Camp in Occidental, CA – where 8th grade goes to Outdoor Ed camp every November. A good source of information for students, parents, and prospective cabin leaders.
Science Links Out of the Park: The Physics of Baseball – Video This QUEST video is for Mrs. Hughes’s 8th grade science lesson for Newtonian laws and physics as they are used in baseball.
Science Links Air Quality Index Homepage This link gives a definition of what the Air Quality Index is, and allows you to put in your zip code to find the Air Quality Index in your city.
Science Links Newton’s Laws of Motion Video This QUEST video is for Mrs. Hughes’s 8th grade science lesson for Newtonian laws and physics.
Homework Help MLA Formatting and Style Guide: Purdue Online Writing Lab This link gives you access to a complete online manual which directs you in writing papers and bibliographies in the required MLA writing format style.
Homework Help EasyBib.com This site creates MLA style bibliographies from the resource information that is input by the user. Excellent research paper resource!
Science Links NASA Website on the Electromagnetic Spectrum A beautiful NASA-run website that goes into complete detail about the electromagnetic spectrum.
Science Links KQED Video – The Hayward Fault A comprehensive video on faults and earthquakes, specifically looking at the Hayward Fault.
High School Info/Prep Solar System At a Glance A YouTube video that gives a fascinating introduction to our Solar System.
Science Links Quest: X-Ray Microscope A KQED Quest video about x-ray microscopes and their amazing uses. (cell viewing)
Science Links NEW LINK: Killer Asteroid Online video of Killer Asteroid, in case you need to rewatch it.