Language Arts
General Knowledge
Students will:
• recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet and identify
one sound for each.
• write all uppercase and lowercase letters.
• blend letter-sounds to decode (read) words.
• segment letter-sound to encode (spell) words.
• recognize rhyming words and word family patterns.
• read 66 high-frequency words.
• understand synonyms, antonyms and how to categorize words.
• read and comprehend literary and informational texts.
• be introduced to writing mechanics, writing process and types of writing (narrative, opinion, informa-tive/explanatory).
• work in center based themes.

Students will:
• write his or her own name with capital and lower case letters.
• form capital and lower case letters correctly.
• participate in pre-writing activities.
• draw a picture and describe it.
• write 3 sentences on a topic.

Students will:
• follow oral instructions (up to 2).
• listen attentively when the teacher reads or speaks.
• listen for content and comprehension.

Students will:
• volunteer and share information.
• express ideas clearly.
• participate in class discussions.
• engage in a conversation.

Students will:
• recognize numbers (0 to 20).
• write numbers correctly (0 to 20).
• recognize and count ordinal numbers to 20.
• use manipulatives to solve problems.
• compare sets to identify which is equal to, more than, or less than.
• understand and describe simple addition and subtraction problems.
• identify, sort, and classify objects according to shape, size, and color.
• be exposed to a variety of hands-on activities to develop life-long math skills.

Next Generation Science
Students will:
• investigate and learn how forces affect the way objects move.
• describe ways that plants and animals impact their environment.
• describe how weather changes over time in recognizable patterns.
• actively participate in investigations and experiments.

Social Studies

Students will:
• pledge allegiance to and show respect for our country’s flag.
• learn about their neighborhood and community.
• demonstrate a beginning understanding of geography.
• learn about other cultures.
• celebrate holidays.
• learn basic map skills.

Students will:
• learn that God’s Love
– creates the Universe.
– makes Me Who I Am.
– gives Me People to Love.
– gives Me Jesus.
– teaches Me to Love.
• celebrate Seasons of the Church year.
• experience a variety of Prayer Forms.
• listen to and retell stories from the Bible.
• participate in all-school Prayer Services and Mass.
• acknowledge the Holy Family as a role model for all families.
• plan and participate in school-wide liturgies.

Fine Arts
Students will:
• have art integrated throughout the curriculum.
• participate in a formal classroom music program twice each week.
• perform at the Christmas Program and Spring Concert for the school community.
• have the opportunity to perform in our school’s annual drama production.