Donor Wall Display

Amidst all the thrilling events and changes in 2015, OLG took time to honor both the past and future of the school.  On May 14, 2015, we unveiled a Donor Tree Display comprised of donations and dedications from our 50th Anniversary Celebration.
OLG Principal Sister Janice Wellington said…




Father John blessing the new display.

The Donor Tree represents the generous donors of the school community, and symbolizes the growth of our students and the ongoing progress of our school.”

This new tree display is a perfect platform to acknowledge our generous donors, and it provides our school community a chance to honor loved ones.

The display features three different colored leaves, doves and stones, all of which are available for inscribed messages from future donors. If you interested in being a part of our new display, please review the DonorWall_Info Sheet and refer below for donation options.

Donor Tree Options            sidetreeonly
$100 – $499 = Bronze Leaf
$500 – $999 = Silver Leaf
$1000 – $2499 = Gold Leaf
$2500 – $9999 = Doves
$10,000 and up = Stones