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Our Lady of Guadalupe’s celebration of Catholic education

Catholic Schools Week, went off without a hitch last week at Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLG) School, proving that this little private school in the middle of Fremont is truly one worth celebrating.

Serving families since 1964, OLG has retained its close-knit community in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco Bay Area’s City of Fremont. And from Jan. 21 to 27, the school partook in the annual celebration of Catholic education with festivities that promoted peace, appreciation and individuality.

Sunday, families gathered in the halls to view the students’ work throughout the year thus far.

Tia Fernandes is pictured above with her parents, proudly displaying her mission project for Margie Chu’s fourth-grade class. Tia wears the silver medal she was awarded at the U.S. International Music Competition. Part of her project included composing music to accompany her creation.

Jessica Casey, social studies teacher for grades six through eight, explained her students’ work, which has given them a close-up look at other religions. The sixth-graders have studied ancient civilizations and were given the task of creating real-estate brochures and comic books set in a designated time period from the past. The seventh-graders studied the five pillars of Islam and compared them to the four Dominican pillars of faith. And the eighth-graders learned about the Declaration of Independence in greater detail that also prompted them to review and discuss its relevance in today’s American society.

Erica Swint and her mother stand beside the 3-dimensional self-portraits created in Mrs. Symonds’ class.

Each class showcased education that focuses on the individual child’s needs. From BIOM boxes to life-sized self-portraits, the students have spent the year engaged with art, research, thought, music, performances and core classes that further develop a well-rounded education.

Ms. Lemmon’s fifth-grade students were required to bring in materials found at home and have spent weeks working on these beautiful BIOM boxes in the classroom. As you can see, they’re one creative bunch!

“Not everyone learns the same way,” said Jessica Lemmon, OLG fifth-grade teacher. “This year, I have a very creative class and they learn through art and creation, which you can see with the BIOM boxes that we completed in class. But some kids are more research-driven, and they have different needs than the artistically geared child.”

Lemmon further noted that she offers different educational opportunities and mediums in order to meet the needs of each individual for a more organic learning experience.

From left: Kyle Nguyen, Jessica Lewis, Maya Abrego and class president Gabriella Olaverria

The teachers’ courses along with OLG’s small classrooms and friendly community have spread a reputation throughout Fremont that has aided in pulling in new students. Kyle Nguyen enrolled in his seventh-grade year at OLG because his needs weren’t being met at his previous school, he said. He is now part of the student council and pictured above, on the far left. Seventh-grader Aiden Bond is another new student whose mother Jessica Bond said OLG has been the remedy to her concerns about other schools in Fremont’s school district.

“I had heard about a lot of fighting,” said Jessica. “I just love the small classes (at OLG) and how the parents interact. I only wish I’d enrolled him sooner.”

Students at OLG pet one of the Fremont Police Department’s canine officers as part of the school’s community appreciation day during Catholic Schools Week.

From preschool through eighth-grade, OLG is a little school worth celebrating. For more information about courses or enrollment, visit our Admissions page or call the school office at 510-657-1674.



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