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Service Hour Reporting

Please remember to report your service hours by sending the details of your service to In the email, include the name and grade of your oldest child so that your hours are posted accurately.

Service Hours from the Harvest Festival & Crab Feed will be reported by the Committee Chairpersons, but feel free to check that your hours were submitted.  This is especially important if you worked a double shift or more than one family member volunteered.

Report Service Hours directly to the Service Hour Coordinator when volunteering in the classroom, the library, the office, or on field-trips.  Please note that when you sign the visitor’s log in the office you are NOT signing in for Service Hours, but merely indicating that you are on campus.  Likewise, teachers and staff members will not report Service Hours for this volunteering.

Families can claim 1 Service Hour for each $10 spent on donations (up to 11 hours for a 2-parent family and up to 10 hours or a 1-parent family).  You will need to attach a receipt to the Service Hour reporting form, which can be found in the main office.

Hours spent volunteering with CYO count towards total service hours for a family and up to 20 of those hours can count towards the minimum required service hours for the school. This is because CYO is a parish-based organization.

Requirements for Volunteering 

Any adult that volunteers for our school, when children are present, must be fingerprinted for the Oakland diocese and must also complete the VIRTUS Safe Environment online training course (takes approximately 1 hour to complete).  Please see the instructions for completing both requirements:

Fingerprinting Instructions 

  • Contact John Miller at LiveScan Identity (510-795-8885) to set up an appointment to be fingerprinted. John is a vendor for the Oakland Diocese.
  • Take a copy of the fingerprinting form with you to the appointment (available at the school office) and take a photo ID with you.
  • John will not charge a fee, but you will need to pay $34 per person to the school to cover the cost for the processing of the prints. Please stop by the bookkeeping office to pay (preferably before your appointment).
  • School families will receive 2 service hours in return for the payment.

VIRTUS Instructions

  • To get to the course, entitled Protecting God’s Children for Adults, go online to
  • If you want to first review the registration steps you can click on the instructions just below the second blue button then click on the blue button for VIRTUS Registration.
  • Sign in as a First-Time Registrant and create a login and password. The login does not have to be an email address.  You can create a login name or code.
  • If you need to logout in the middle of the course, you can sign back in using the login and password you created and you will be able to resume the course from where you left off.
  • At the end of the course please print out or take a screen shot of the certificate of completion for the school office.