School Board: The School Board members are elected or appointed as advisory personnel to the pastor and the principal. Together they review all aspects of the formal education program of the school. The School Board meets the first Tuesday of each month. The PTSG and Finance Board are standing committees of this Board. All meetings are open to interested school families.

Parent-Teacher Service Group (PTSG):All parents are members of the PTSG. The members of the PTSG Board are elected or appointed by the principal to sponsor and support educational programs for the students and parents. This service group coordinates fundraiser activities, assists with the improvement and maintenance of the school’s physical plant, and offers special social and educational activities for the families. PTSG meets the first Wednesday of each month at the school at 7pm.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee members are appointed by the pastor and principal. Together they make recommendations for the yearly budget and tuition rates. The Finance Board meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Technology Committee: Members of this committee plan Tech Week, review the 3 year Tech Plan & update annually, review current technology needs of school and discuss ideas of how to obtain needed technology.  The committee meets the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm in the school library.