Time Capsule Burial Celebration

On Thursday, May 14th we held a special prayer service grabdirtand time capsule burial ceremony to close out our 50th Anniversary school year. Students and school members of the school community placed the items in the capsule and then each student was able to participate in the actual burial by throwing a symbolic amount of dirt on the time capsule. KarenBurialAsstThe capsule was filled with memorabilia from the 2014-2015 school year as well as items from the past 50 years. Contents were carefully selected and each item represented an important aspect of the school community including: the students, the faculty and staff, the parents witFatherBlessingTimeCapsulehin the community, the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, the parish, and appropriately, the graduating class of 2015. Congratulations Our Lady of Guadalupe School on an eventful 50th Anniversary year!


St. Leonard/Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebrates 50 Years 

“…the evening was just so great…the community was so good, cohesive and everybody so involved at a leisurely pace.  I thought it was splendid. What a wonderful community.” – Phone message from Bishop John Cummins

FREMONT, CA-Our Lady of Guadalupe 50th Anniversary celebration.Annweb1Saturday, September 6th, Our Lady of Guadalupe School celebrated 50 years of Catholic Education with a one-of-a-kind anniversary celebration. Over 500 people attended the event including Bishop
John Cummins, alumni, currently enrolled students, faculty, families and many friends of the St. Leonard/St. Leonard-Santa Paula and Our Lady of Guadalupe school communities.


Guests began the day by touring the school and taking a stroll down “Memory Lane”. AnnwebgenerationEach classroom featured one decade of the 50 year school history and displayed photo albums and slide show images of students, events and faculty from that decade. Then, attendees enjoyed delicious Mexican, Filipino, Italian, and Portuguese food from the many complimentary food booths.  Snow cones, popcorn and other fun snacks were also offered.

dancersFollowing lunch, an unforgettable Mass was held that incorporated thought-provoking prayer, festive music, dancersDivine, and the family-like community that defines this school.  It began with a nostalgic Call to Prayer that showcased tribute pieces of the school’s history “Through the Years”. Then, Bishop John Cummins provided the group with an insightful homily focused on the school’s history within the Catholic community.

bishopsittingThe Mass encompassed diverse members of the community through the years. The Prayers of the Faithful were led by various alumni including past principals, teachers and parents. The gifts were brought up by the “Legacy Families” representing multiple generations of Our Lady of Guadalupe or St. Leonard graduates and/or currently enrolled students.

Annweb2The Mass ended with poignant acknowledgements from the MSJ Coordinator of Affiliate Schools, S. Carolyn Marie Monahan, the Assistant Superintendent of the Diocese of Oakland, Liz Guneratne, the Paster of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Father John Prochaska and the current Our Lady of Guadalupe School Principal, S. Janice Wellington.

cakeannwebbasketFollowing the Mass, guests were invited to continue the celebration with birthday cake and dancing. Decade-themed baskets were raffled off to a few lucky attendees while the group took advantage of the last minute and opportunity to socialize with friends and faculty from the past and present. Overall, the event was an amazing way to honor our school and to reunite our communities from the past five decades.