ChristinawebOur program assists students with learning difficulties and provides them tools to be successful in the mainstream  classroom. The program offers one-on-one, small, and flexible group instruction to meet the needs of the child in the least restrictive environment.

There are several methods, programs and general resources that we utilize and/or incorporate in our Learning Support/Resource program including: Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, Read Naturally Program, Specific Skills Series, Book Buddy Bags, Technology Program, and Learning A-Z.

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Our team has two full-time staff resource instructors, one part-time aid, and a speech therapist. Students are encouraged to work their hardest to reach and perform at their potential. Our goal is to provide them the learning support they need so that children can achieve grade level standards.

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The Learning Support/Resource Program also assists students who have been identified as English Second Language (ESL) students, helping them to succeed academically.

S_RetelasMr. Sam Retelas
Resource Teacher

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Christina_GoveaMrs. Christina Govea
Resource Teacher

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Dr. Kathy Carmona
Speech Therapist

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