A young person who embraces prayer as s/he lives a life of faith and 

    • follows the Gospel message of acceptance and forgiveness of others
    • develops a prayerful and personal relationship with God
    • knows the teachings of the Catholic Faith
    • participates during Mass, Reconciliation and Prayer Services

A young person who commits to study and who

    • exhibits  good study and organizational skills while working toward goals
    • solves problems and thinks critically
    • develops the skills to be an independent learner
    • shares ideas clearly in oral, visual and written format
    • is able to learn within varied learning modalities.
    • achieves an understanding of the curriculum based on his/her ability
    • uses technology effectively and responsibly

A young person who embraces community and exhibits Gospel values by

    • taking responsibility for his/her own actions
    • being an active, respectful listener
    • effectively expressing ideas to a variety of audiences
    • resolving conflicts peacefully
    • working effectively with others
    • using technology/social media safely 

A young person who is willing to serve others through ministry by

    • reaching out to those in need
    • demonstrating a sense of responsibility for the earth and its resources
    • being aware of social justice, on an age appropriate level, and serving accordingly
    • treating others as Jesus would