Student Learning Expectations

An Our Lady of Guadalupe Student is:


An integrated person who:

  • Has the skills to be an independent learner
  • Is able to work effectively with others
  • Is adaptable to change and different learning environments
  • Uses technology effectively and responsibly
  • Participated in Music and PE activities

FREMONT, CA-Our Lady of Guadalupe 50th Anniversary celebration.A learner aware of Christian values in the Catholic tradition who:

  • Is knowledgeable of the teaching of the Catholic Faith
  • Prays and participates at Mass and Prayer Services
  • Follows the Gospel message of acceptance and forgiveness of others
  • Develops a prayerful and personal relationship with God

ChristinawebA life-long learner who:

  • Achieves an understanding of the curriculum based on his/her ability
  • Exhibits good study and organizational skills
  • Works toward goals
  • Is able to problem solve and think critically

An effective communicator who:

  • Shares ideas clearly in oral, visual and written format
  • Is an active, respectful listener to the ideas of others
  • Is comfortable and effective in expressing ideas to a variety of audiences

A socially aware person who:

  • Takes responsibility for his/her own actions
  • Resolves conflicts peacefully
  • Reaches out to those in need
  • Demonstrates a sense of responsibility for the earth and its resources
  • Is aware of current events, on an age appropriate level